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Cold Water Boils More Quickly Than Hot Water?

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  • Casey Jones while speeding to make up lost time crashed but stayed with his train so he could apply the brakes until the very end saving many lives.

  • Adding cold water to a hot boiler will make it explode.

  • The vortex from a passing train can suck a person onto the tracks.

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Issue 207

Constructing a Diamond Junction

by Laurence Johnson

Not every train layout has need of a diamond junction and almost never need more than one. My club asked me to build them a 30 degree diamond. I decided to make it by welding steel rail and angle iron pieces. For layout reinforcement purposes I used 4” longer cross ties in the junction area thereby adding to the overall stability and to get good ballast support I used a full 2 x 4.

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The Test Bed that became the Tin Turtle
By Martyn Redfearn

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