September 2016

Building a Truss Rod Flatcar

Written by Laurence Johnson   This 40’ truss rod flat car was in use around the turn of the century before WWI. It had a strong oak deck and stake pockets that allow all types of cargo to be loaded and transported. The Hooppole, Yorktown & Tampico Railroad, a shortline railroad from the northeast corner of Henry County into the northwest corner of Bureau County and then into the southwest corner of

The Truth about D-Valve Slide Wear

Written by Jeff Frost Myth: D-valves/slide valves will “wear in” as they wear Answer: No. They will wear convex and the valve seats will wear convex. When the slide valves and the valve seats are new, they are flat and create a steam tight seal so steam can’t leak into the piston chamber or out the exhaust. The steam pressure in the steam chest pushes the valve onto the seat. As the