To Sand or not to Sand?

Written by Jeff Frost   Will the use of sand on aluminum rail lead to severe rail wear?   With aluminum being a soft metal, the fear is that when sand is used on aluminum rail it will cause severe/quick rail wear. It is a fact that aluminum rail will wear whether you use sand or not. The wheel flanges will wear away the rail head in curves and the height will wear

Illinois Live Steamers Turns 50!

Written by Dan Miotti The Illinois Live Steamers will be celebrating our 50th year as an organization on August 17-20 (Thu-Sun), 2017.  This year’s meet will have auctions of live steam items, raffles, vendors, food, music and a host of characters. Originally formed as the Northern Illinois Live Steamers, the group has come a long way since we were founded back in 1967.  The idea was to have a place where