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CAD Drawings for the Live Steam Hobby vol. 1

Over 35 Drawings!

Each Drawing is Fully Dimensioned!
All Necessary Detail is shown.

Volume One includes these car drawings:

  • 7 Flat Car Drawings. 
    The first is a "truss rod" pre-war design, all wooden construction. The next 3 use oak decking with stake pockets (see stake pocket drawing listed below). They are 44", 5' (flat car 2) and 6'(flatcar) long. Then an all steel "drop center" using tube steel weldment design (drop center flat car II). A 16 wheel pre war west coast car designed for heavy loads on light rail (16 wheel flat car). Finally, a early 20th. century car made from steel and wood .
  • 2 Pickle Car Drawings. 
    One car is a wooden design from the early 1900's and the other is mostly metal car from a Wisconsin railroad in the mid 1900's

flat car sample

pickle car sample

Highly detailed plans for
building 1/8 scale
rolling stock like
this Pickle Car. 

  • 2 Stock Car Drawings. 
    One is a wooden car on steel channel construction. It's an open top cattle car (open top stock car) used out west in the late 1800's on narrow gauge lines. The other
    cattle car is all wood on a metal frame (cattle car).
  • 2 Gravel Car Drawings. 
    Heavy plate steel car to haul and hand shovel gravel (trucks under box) (MoW gravel car). The other car is also heavy and has a low center of gravity as the trucks are on the ends (gravel car).
  • Engineer's Car Drawing 
    This engineer's riding car is coupled to and is supported by the locomotive. The rear sits on an
    archbar truck (archbar drawing listed below) .



cattle car sample

Volume One includes these Track Side drawings:
  • Over 20 Switch Stand Drawings. 
    Drawings include "Harp" stands (#8 harp switch). Some stands are made using angle iron, some square tube.  Also a ground throw 2, 3 pt stub, Cleveland stand, Co218, ground steel Iowa, switch stand, switch neponset, swing switch stand, ground throw 3, switch stand 2, switch strand, switch stand 3, switch stand 4, switch stand iii, switch stand ii)
  • Freight Platform Drawing. 
    Elevated trackside structure over 6 feet long to allow direct access to flat and box cars.
  • Janet's House Drawing. 
    This trackside structure is a two story farm house.
  • "Out House" Drawing. 
    This necessary structure is a must on every railroad.
  • Baggage Cart Drawing. 
    A wheeled trackside baggage carrier.

switch stand sample

house drawing sample

Volume One also contains these important drawings:
  • My Own "Arch Bar" truck design. 
    This drawing accompanies many of the cars listed above.
  • Stake Pocket Die Drawing. 
    A simple shop made die set used in a screw jack frame to fabricate stake pockets for several of the flat car designs.
  • 45o Bender Die Set Drawing
    Used to make the 2 bends in switch stand targets in a simple screw bending frame.



truck drawing sample


Drawings by Laurence Johnson more about the author


This CD was reviewed in
The Home Railway Journal
The only magazine devoted to those of us who have built or are interested in rideable home railways

CAD Drawings for the Live Steam Hobby vol. 2

CAD Drawings for the Live Steam Hobby, vol. 1
 (on CD)   
All 35 High Quality CAD Drawings for only   $49.99  Now $39.99


Who will love this book on CD?
This book CD is great for those of us that love to work with our hands.  You may have been searching for scaled drawings to build those large ride on train cars and other items.  Drawings like that are very tough to find.  This CD is what you've been searching for. Author and retired CAD (computer aided design) instructor Laurence Johnson has been designing and building 1/8 scale railroad equipment for his miniature railroad for years.  Laurence starts buy creating a detailed scale drawing for every project with great results.  Laurence has agreed to open his library to us in this first CD installment.

Great for all skill levels.
To build these models you will need some basic wood working skills and simple shop equipment such as saws, drill presses, etc.  You may want to tackle some more challenging models that require light wire welding or stick welding.  You may want to try your hand making wheels and trucks with a lathe and mill. These are not step by step instructions but measured drawings that you can follow to produce some great scale models with as much detail or as little detail as you want.

This book on CD is Windows and Mac compatible.  Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Free downloads of Acrobat Reader are available from Adobe.  Here's a TEST: If you can open
this file (click to try), you already have Acrobat Reader working on your computer. No downloads necessary.


"Received the drawings.  They are excellent. Lots of good ideas."

Ron Nott

"Drawings are very good and useful.  I plan to build both stock cars and the later version of the pickle car in the near future.  The flat cars will come later."

Arthur Morris

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*Your disc will include drawings for a minimum of 35 projects. Some projects may be substituted for others without notice (write me for the most up to date list). Drawing revisions and support will be available on line. All drawings are 2007-2008 Back Yard Train and Laurence Johnson. Reproducing this CD without written permission is wrong ( Mr. Johnson is counting on proceeds from CD sales to supplement his pension). more about the author