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For Sale: Ten Note Calliope

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10 Note Calliope  All casted Bronze Whistles,,  Includes matched Steam rated valves, Midi wireless remote controller (expandable to 21 notes), Plug n Play Midi keyboard, Plug n play wired cables, 10 note 2 inch manifold, Basically need to assemble with your fittings(1/2NPT) Note: Pictured Calliope on is similar.
View my videos of this 10 note playing on my youtube channel:    Kenny G   Calliope    
Many videos of  my steam related  Launch and Sternwheel boats and engines
Available now for:  $4,200.  Contact me using the form below.



For Sale: Steam Attraction Calliope
All bronze casted whistles: 10 note, 25 note, 38 note. Custom built.

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Live Steamers, I can build a custom Calliope to match your train, boat, or steam toy...?
10 to 38 notes, with Custom SS Manifold.. turn key plug n play

This 25 whistle unit plays recorded songs with a touch of a button or you can play using a keyboard. A great feature if you're operating your steam boat by yourself:
*   25 brass whistles, precision made, tuned to the note,
*   25 steam/temperature rated brass valves,
*   25-49 note keyboard allows for expansion.
My smallest, ten note unit is on my Beckmann steam launch mounted on top of boiler at forward end.

Bested Calliope upgrade Controller with the following features: Use your I Phone, IPad, Computer, or android to operate up to 96 notes. Unlimited song base , all wireless system stand alone as a Wi-Fi.
*   Midi controller designed for this application,
*   2gb SD storage removable card,
*   Song title display,
*   Instantly record songs from your keyboard.
*   WIRELESS Control : allows you to choose songs or pause/play.
*   All cables plug in included,
*   Up to 96 notes can played with this unit, so if you want more notes, there is no need to change the controller. Just add more valves and whistles, connect wires to the terminal strip.

I can make a custom manifold (please inquire, standard 1/2 inch NPT for valves.)
All plug n play connections ,easy to set up
TO HEAR IT PLAY -- I have a few videos posted on YouTube, Kenny g Calliope channel:

Price based on quantity of whistles.  Located in Three Rivers, Michigan. Contact me using the form below.


For Sale:  Steam Engine & Governor

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Smooth Running Steam engine runs on15lbs air.  You will not find a nicer Steam Engine/Governor than this.


3-3/4 stroke 20x4 inch flywheel
Purrs like a new steam engines
1-3/4 crank shaft
1 inch NPT outlet 3/4 inlet
42 inches tall
4 1/2 piston
Two oilers included
1 inch Governor great condition as well

See YouTube channel. Kenny g for running video.

Engine & Governor $2,500 for the set or Best Offer. I can split. Also can help store or assist in delivery. Located in Three Rivers, Michigan. Contact me using the form below.    SOLD  












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