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For Sale:  12" ga. Ottaway Steam-Outline, Cars and Track

 Reduced to $22,950

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AMUSEMENT PARK TRAIN - Offered here is and Ottaway steamer, built 8/20/1953 serial # C-70-1084, for Arto Monaco (famed Hollywood set designer and designer of Cinderella's Castle at Disneyland) and used at his Land of Make Believe park in Upper Jay NY from 1954 until 1979 when the park closed. Sometime in the mid 1960's the boiler went bad and was cut out and a Briggs and Stratton 23D engine was added. So now you pull a rope and go. YES it does work! Included is the locomotive and tender, 3 cars and the caboose, and 60' loop of 12" track. The Locomotive and Tender have been refurbished. The 3 cars and the caboose still need some work but it still runs great. All the units are on dollies and are easy to move.

I'm asking $29,900  $25,500 OBO.  Reduced to $22,950  Were in Duluth, GA. Contact me using the form below.


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