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 Full Size Railroad & Memorabilia Items For Sale
plus other related items
  To the best of our knowledge, all items here are as described. Discover Live Steam is not responsible for items listed here.  Buyer beware  



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Locomotive Parts
Railroad Car Parts
Marker Lights
Builder's Plates
Station Equip.
Track Hardware
& More
Locomotives & Cars
MOW Equipment

WRRS Wig Wag Signal
   Sale Pending 

RR Crossing Sign w/ Lights
Boston & Maine 2 Pos. Distant Semaphore

Taylor/GRS Semaphore Motor
   Sale Pending  

CP Train Order Signal

Wig Wag Chase Light Motor
   Sale Pending  

X-Buck, Bell, Semaphone 

Safetrans Crossing Gate

US&S Bearing Access Door

From Harrington's W&LE RR
 Reduced to $1950
What's it Worth?
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Early Railroad Crossing Signals
 Reduced to $2,200

Position Light Signal Heads
Adlake RR Switch Lantern

Vintage Crossbuck RR Sign

WRRCo. Electric Switch Lamp

GRS Signal Heads (NYC)

Safetran Colorlight Dwarf
Modern Industries box
  Reduced to $47 

Railroad Crossing Components

"Cats-Eye" 3 Track Crossing
 Reduced $175 & $275 

Railroad Crossing Parts
 Reduced to $3,495

Distant Semaphore Signal

B&O Color Position Dwarf

USS H5 Searchlight Dwarf

Pennsy US&S TV-30 Vane Relay

Union Pacific Semaphone 

Griswald Signal & Pole

B&O CPL Signal & Pole

Unique British Sempahore  

RR Crossing Signal

Missouri Pacific Semaphore

 Reduced to $4,000

Norfolk Southern Dwarf Signal

Aluminum Cross Bucks

Cast Iron Cross Buck Sign

Darth Vader 3 light block signal 
Working Intermediate Signal
 Reduced to $899

Signal Lights & Parts

Various Railroad Signals & More

2 Tracks RR Crossing Sign

Cast Iron Track Signal 

General Railway Signal Company
 Reduced to $3,500 

C.C.C. & St.L Boxcar Door

ASME Soft Plugs 1/2", 3/4", 1"

3/8" Penberthy Injectors (Five)
   Sale Pending   

1-1/4" Penberthy Injector
 Hanlon Boiler Water Sight Glass

B&O Caboose Window
 Reduced to $150

Unused AAR Knuckle BNSF

Hand Brake & Wheel 

Pyle National Gen. Turbine
 Reduced to $3,700

Large 2" Handcock Inspirator
  Reduced to $500 

"Frisco" Locomotive Seat 

Chicago Lubricator
 Reduced to $250

Oak Boxcar Planks

Locomotive Handbrake
  Reduced to $360
Garfield Injector 

Michigan Lubricator

Burlington Conductor Platform

Norfolk So. Engineer's Seat
 Reduced to $200

NYNH&HRR Lounge Chair
 Reduced to $240

Norfolk So. Locomotive Doors

2 Pullman Mirror Lights 
NYC Wall Sconce w/ Globe

Early NYC Subway Marker Light

Pullman Berth Lights

Elmira Steam Oil Lubricator 

Swift Steam Oil Lubricator

Pullman Window Latch HardwarePullman Window Latch Hardware

Pullman Light Fixture 

Pullman Ceiling Light Fixture 

Pyle National Steam Generator
Reduced to $3250

Hydrostatic Detroit Lubricator 

Westinghouse Testing Gauge

Pullman Drawing Room
Corner Light #217

3 inch NPT Brass Ball Valve

Pullman Ceiling Light Fixture Globes

Pullman Seat Enclosure

Locomotive Speedometer
 Reduced to $350  

Penberthy 1-1/4" Injectors

St Louis Car Co.
Street Car Seats
 Reduced to $750

Class 19 D Instrument Panel

Brass Pullman Shelf 

1" NPT Cast Iron Water Column

Penberthy 1" Injector  

Penberthy 3/4" Injector 

 Metropolitan Injector

Kunkle 3" Inlet Safety Valve 

Reversing Trolley Seat
 Reduced to $800 OBO

Penberthy & Ohio Injectors 

Graham White Gauge Tester 

1-1/4" Schutte & Korting #7 Injector
 Reduced to $750 OBO 

Two Kunkle Safeties 

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C & O Locomotive Bell

Pyle Nat'l Steamer Headlight

Leslie Tyfon Single Air Horn

CB&Q Lantern 

Portable Headlight 

ALCO RS 3 Pyle-National Headlight
  Reduced to $228   

S. Pacific Loco Class Light
Reduced to $175

N. Pacific Loco Headlight
 Reduced to $595  

NP RR Headlamp Reflector
 Reduced to $198  

Baldwin 0-6-0 Bell
Reduced to $1700

Lunkenheimer 3.5" Whistle
Reduced to $400

NYNH&H Caboose Lantern 

New (old-stock) Gyralight 

No. Plate & Cylinder Plate

N. Pacific Brakeman Lantern

Nathan Diesel 3 Horn Airchime

ADLAKE Marker Lamps
Reduced to $1100

N&W #611 Whistle Repro.

New York Central Brass Bell
 Reduced to $1,250

Steam Locomotive Bell
 Reduced to $1,800  

Mars Locomotive Headlight
 Reduced to $1,500

5" Crosby 3 Chime Whistle
   Sale Pending 

12" Bell & Custom Display
Reduced to $3,500

Bell from 1929 Pacific Coast Shay

 Reduced to $5,700  

Bronze Bell w/ Air Ringer

Norfolk&W. Builders Plate
 Reduced to $2000 OBO  

Three Steam Whistles

 Reduced to $400, $225, $225    

N&W RY Cylinder Plate Cover

Pyle National Class Marker 

B&O Brass Bell with Stand 

Pyle Class Light NYC Hudson
 Reduced to $600  

Reading Tender Back-up Light 

Bell & Marker Lights

 Locomotive Style Air Horn
Wabco/Westinghouse Air Horn

Interurban Trolley Headlight
 Reduced to $500  

Sunbeam Headlight

 Reduced to $1500

Southern Pacific Classification Lamps

 Reduced to $250

1800s Steam Whistle

3 Pyle National Headlamp Lens

American Locomotive Co. Number Plate

Steam Whistle
Railroad Portable Telephone

Flagman's Speed Recorder  

CB&Q Padlocks 

Vintage Burlington Depot Clock 

35 Pound Rail

Fairbanks Scale (So. Railway)
What's it Worth?
Check out our Full Scale Sold Page

LaSalle & Bureau County RR Switch Stand

Conrail & NYC Decals

New Haven Locks & Keys
 Reduced to $450

1845 Map of New Haven RR
New Haven Destination Sign
  Reduced to $570

2' ga. Rail Cart
 Reduced to $450  

Switch Stand

Whistle Post Reproduction

Original EMD Burlington Art

Caboose Chairs

 Reduced to $495 each

Bacharach Indicators
 Reduced to $250

PRR Brass Spit-toon
  Sale Pending 

Trolley Cash & Ticket Counter W.R.&E. Co. 
Reduced to $1,200

"Cat's Eye" Crossbucks

Cast Iron Cross Bucks (reproduction)

 Reduced $360 

WWII Era C&NW Fire Grenade

 Reduced to $250
New Haven Switchstand

"BUDA" Track Drill 

1984 Southern Pacific Note Cube

NYC Cast Iron Whistle Sign
 Reduced to $600  

C&NW Dispatch Phone
 Reduced to $400

Real Rail Desk Set & Bookends

Jersey Central Lines Sign 

Railroad Wrench 

Antique Railroad Rail Drill

U.P. Omaha Building Sign

Pennsylvania Glass Mugs

Western Pacific Porcelain Sign

Fred Bartlett D&H Art Print

16' Fan Aermotor Windmill

5 Lengths 85 Pound Rail

Light (30# rail) Track
(in the ground)
   Sale Pending 

Reading Railroad Phone
 Reduced to $300 

Railroad Bridge Plates

Antique Baggage Cart

Fairbury Folding Windmill

Depot Sliding Freight Doors
 Reduced to $1,800   
Train Station Platform Light  

1800s Buffalo Railroad Scale 
EMD Manual

Frontplate buildersplate No. 5

8 Switch Stand Locks  

Artwork & Train Steps 

Fairbanks Railroad Weighbeam Scale 

North Shore Line Sign Reproduction

Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Insignia 

Buda Track Drill 

BUDA #2 Velocipede Handcar

Trackless Locomotive in NJ

GE 50 Ton Industrial Switcher

Two 30" (or 24") ga. Diesel/Hydraulics

2001 Dodge Hy Rail
Reduced to $8,000

Union Pacific Fairmont Speeder

Fairmont Speeder Windshield

Fairmont ST-2 Motorcar

Fairmont Hubs & Bearing Blocks 

2-Stroke Fairmont Engine 

21E Section Car

Fairmont M-19 Rail Speeder

Fairmount Railcar Speeder

Fairmont M19 F2 Speeder
  Reduced to $5,000


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Here are the terms:  If item sells AND ONLY if it sells via this web site, we kindly request a commission of 2% (two percent) of the sale price. Minimum commission is $20. We understand this is far less that the required commission of those auction houses (Am I allowed to say ebay?), but our results are excellent and our costs are very low. I offer and charge for this service to generate some cash to try to offset my expenses in operating this web site.  We can not accept ads for stolen railroad property.  Please contact the railroad police if you have stolen property.  


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To the best of our knowledge, all items are as described.  Discover Live Steam is not responsible for items listed here. An ad on this page should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement of that or any company.