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Locomotives & Related Items

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12" Cagney Model D & 3 Cars

7.5 ga. Little Engines Mountain

7.5"g. Rail Sys. SD45 & Slug

7.5" ga. SW9 Switcher & Calf
Reduced to $14,995

24"ga. Chance CP Huntington

Mosley Generator MO-6

MTC G-12 with Cars & Track
. Reduced to $22,500

1" 0-4-0T Saddle Tank Project

7.5" ga. Real Trains Davenport

7.5" ga. SD60 by Lee Wright

2.5" scale 2-4-2 Plantation

7.5"ga OS 2-6-0 Factory Mogul

7.5" ga. 2-8-0 Consolidation
 Sale Pending 

7.x ga. 1.6 scale MDM Bodies
 Sale Pending 

7.5"/2.5" scale DRGW Switcher

7.5" ga. Electric & Flatcar
 Reduced to $3,000

12" gauge Trains & Track

7.5" ga. 4-6-2 Pacific

7.5" ga. Narrow Ga 10-Wheeler
 Reduced to $40,000

7.5"ga 1.5" scale 2-6-0 Mogul

7.5 Baldwin S12 Rail Systems

7.5" ga. Allen Ten-Wheeler

7.5" C&O GP9 Train & Track

7.5"/4" scale Porter 0-4-0 ST

7.x" ga. Cannonball Motor Car
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12" So. Pac.Class 3000 Atlantic

7.5" ga. Track Cat Switcher

Lee Wright C30-7, Cars & Rail
  Reduced  to $13,750
7.5" ga. Allen Mogul 2-6-0
 Reduced to $12,500

7.25" East Broad Top Interurban

7.5"ga 1/4 scale 0-4-2 Project
 Reduced to $6,000

7.5" ga. 4-4-2 Atlantic 1.6" scale
 Reduced to $23,500
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7.5"ga 2.5"scale Tweetsie #12
 Reduced to $37,000

7.25" ga. 12 volt Speeder
 Reduced to $800

1" scale 4-4- LE Atlantic

10" ga. MTC E-10

7.5" ga 2-6-0 Allen Mogul

7.5" ga. Electric GP-38
 Reduced to $14,500

7.5'" Little Engines 4-4-0 American
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7.5 ga Allen L&N 2-6-0 Mogul

7.5" NKP "Berk"& Reefer,Trailer
 Reduced to $59,000 obo

4.75ga F7, Cars, Track, More
 Reduced to $8,995  

5 Pedal Cars & Aluminum Track

15" ga. 4-4-2 Atlantic Steamer

7.5" ga. Allen Mogul Project
 Reduced to $6,000

3.5" 4-8-4 Northern Project
 Reduced to $2,500
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7.5" ga. L.E. Atlantic Project

Build a 7-1/2" ga. Railroad in your Backyard
(Includes  Dimensions for 7-1/4" Track)

4.75" ga. Little Engines 0-6-0
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12" ga. Ottaway 4-4-0

MTC G-12 "Kiddieland"
 Reduced to $24,600

Gauge One T-1 PRR 4-4-4-4
 Reduced to $4,500

Accucraft 1:20 live steam K28

Ga.1 Creekside Baldwin 0-4-0T

7.5" ga. Percy & Three Cars

24" ga. MTC Train with Track

MTC G12 Parts
 Reduced to $950

7.5" ga. NG Rail Bus Project
 Sale Pending 

40s Miniature Train Co. G12

7.5" ga. Doodlebug

7.5" ga. Loco, Cars, Track

4.75" ga. Vanderbilt Tender

Complete 1" Electric Train
7.5" ga. Allen Models American

MTC G-12 Clutches

7.x'" ga. Interurban Project
 Sale Pending 

7.5" LE American & Cars

7.5 0-6-0 & Display Trestle
Reduced to $14,500

24" ga. Train Ride w/ Track
 Reduced to $50,000

7.5" ga. Antique Diesel
5" ga. Baldwin 0-6-0 Switcher

3.5" ga. Mogul 2-6-0 & Tender
  Reduced to $3,800

3.5" ga. 4-4-0 Early American

NEW Allen Mogul CODE Boiler

SD40 Aluminum Truck Castings & DC Motor
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