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Complete 1/4 scale 16" ga. Railroad

Little Eng's Pacific/AtlanticSide Rods

4.75" ga. Coles 0-4-0 Engine & Cars
 Reduced to $7,995  

7.5 ga/ 2.5" scale C-16 2-8-0 & Train Cars
 Reduced to $30,000
7.25" Locomotive, Cars, Track, more

15" ga. 4-4-2 Oil fired Atlantic

7.5/2.5" scale MaxiTrax Ruston & Cars

18 & 24" Atlas Electric Locomotives & Pass. Cars

7.5" ga. Burlington Zephyr

4-3/4 ga. Southern Pacific SW1 Switcher

7.25" ga. Allen 10-Wheeler

7.25" Pere Marquette Pacific & Coach

7.25" ga. Speeder

7.5" WP F7 A-B-B-A Locomotive Set

7.5" Pair of Alco FA's AA & Cars

7.25" ga. Baldwin Mogul
 Reduced to $43,995

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7.5" ga. Switcher, Car & Iron for Rail

7.5"/2.5" scale RGS #20 & Tender
 Reduced to $36,500

(2) 7.5" ga. Steamers & 4 freight cars
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7.25" ga. Electric Train & Track
 Reduced to $7,500

7.25" ga Hudson Locomotive
 Reduced to $50,000

G12 w/ Cars, Track, & Trailer

1" Scale Milwaukee K1 project

 Sturdy Steel Scale Shovels
with extra long handle

1.5" scale 700 lb. Couplers
Black or Brown


4.75" ga RS-3 Locomotive

Rio Grande So. Goose #1 Project

Machine Shop Page

7.25" 1st Fitchburg Northern 2-6-0

7.5" gauge Elec. Plymouth Switcher
 Reduced to $2,250  

1930s Model A Rail Truck

G-16 "Dummy" B-Unit Body 

12" ga. Loco, 2 Cars, 1/4 Mile of Track
 Reduced to $7,000

7.5" Little Engines Hudson Project
 Reduced to $3,800

7.5" ga. Locomotive, Cars, Track

7.25" ga. Rio Grande Switcher

1.6" Scale Big-Boy Project

7.5" ga. 4-6-0 Allen 10-Wheeler

15" Royal Gorge Miniature Rwy

7.5" ga. 4-6-0 10-Wheeler & Tender

LGB/ASTER 2901 Live Steam
Frank S & Wine Train

7.5" ga. 3.75 scale Elec. "Critter"

Ohlenkamp Injector
Rebuild Kits

7.25" ga. Goose Rail Truck

7.5" ga. Plymouth Switcher

7.5" ga. OS Baldwin Mogul 2-6-0

Doepke Yard Bird with Track

7.25" ga. Elec. Loco & Riding Car

7.5" ga. Mountain Car Dash 9

7.5" ga. Little Engines 0-4-0

Detailed Wooden Railbus Body

7.5" OS Engines Baldwin Mogul Kit or Ready to Run Steam Engine

MTC G-12 Train & Track
  Reduced to $16,000 

3.5" ga. 4-6-4 Hudson Project
 Reduced to $1,850
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7.5" ga. RGS Goose #1

The right size for your Engine
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or Diesel Ad Today

Listed in Machine Shop

7.5" Electric Porter Cab Forward
 Reduced to $10,000

 7.5" ga. Selkirk/Texan 2-10-4 Project

7.5 Allen 4-4-0 American & Cars

5" ga. Great Western "King"

5" ga. Great Western "Manor"   

3.5" ga. Great Western "Hall"  

7.25" ga. "Robbie" 0-4-2 Tank Engine

Lead Acid Atlas Batteries

7.25" ga. CP #173 4-4-0 Project

Gear Box with 15:1 gear ratio

1" scale 4-3/4" ga. Locomotive Project

7.5" ga. LE 0-6-0 Project

7.x" gauge LE Pacific Project

7.5" ga. Train, Cars, Track

15" ga. SD40 engine shell & Motors
 Reduced to $12,000

German Bundesbahn BR23 Ga1 Steam

Custom Train

Hehr Gauge 1 brass 2-C-1 locomotive

Marklin 5516 Electric Locomotive

7.5" ga. Boxcab, Track, Flat Car 

14.25 dia Locomotive Wheels

5.75" Wheels, 18" ga trucks

AC Gilbert Train Set

Railroad Sup. American Steam Chests

2.5" ga. LMS 0-6-0T Jinty Class 3F

Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester

2.5" scale Brass Bell

3.5" ga. Hudson Project
 Reduced to $1,250

2.5" ga 4-6-2 Pacific Steam Project

16" ga. Steam Locomotive

14" ga. Steam Locomotive

NEW 7.5" ga. RGS Goose #6

Gauge 1 Live Steam


1/2 & 1/3 Scale Replica Steam Locomotives

15" ga. "Turn-Key" RR Including 1.25 mi. 12# Track & Buildings

Splice Bars for 12# Rail
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