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15” ga. 4-4-0 Cagney Project
Reduced to $12,500

7.5" ga. NEW Alco RS 1 Electric
Reduced to $14,000

5" ga. Class D Four Truck Shay

19th Century Display Locomotive

G-16 Electric & 4 Cars & 12# Rail
7.5" Conner Beam Engine Train
 Reduced to $9,000

7.5" ga. 4-6-2 L.E. Pacific Project

2.5" scale Rio Grande
2-8-2 K-36 Project

7.5" ga. EMD Switcher
7.5" ga. Speeder & Flatcar
Reduced to $2,900 OBO

7.5" ga. Pair Elec. RS3s MU'd
Reduced to $19,500 OBO

7.5" ga. Backyard Rails F7 A-A Units + Riding Car 

7.5" ga. Rail Truck 3-3/4" scale
Reduced to $6,990

7.5 "Mason" Shay Runs on Air

 7.5" ga. Consolidation Project

24" ga. Trolley

1.6" Scale EMD Blomberg Truck

Kiddie Hand Cars 

 Plans on Flash Drive
Combo Sale
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Machine Shop Equipment 
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4.75" ga. 2-10-0 Project
Reduced to $600

15" 24V Trucks & Sound System
Reduced to $8,000

7.5" ga. Powered Axles


7.5" ga. L.E. Atlantic Project (on air)

7.25" ga. Doepke Popsicle Train

24" gauge Whitcomb Switcher

7.5" ga. Belpaire Boiler Materials
Reduced to $2,500

7.5" ga. Baldwin S12 Switcher
Reduced to $8,850

7.5" ga. Backyard Train Set

1" scale 4.75" ga. Little Engines Atlantic 4-4-2 Project 
Reduced to $1,250

7.5" 4-4-0 Steamer & Coaches
Reduced to $33,250

12" ga. Ottaway Vintage Amusement Train & Track
Reduced to $33,000

7.5"/2.5" scale Colorado & Southern
Reduced to $45,000

7.5" ga. 2.5" scale Chloe 0-4-0
  Reduced to $16,000
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Accucraft Electric GP40 or GP38 in 1.6" scale

3.5" ga. Atlantic 4-4-2 & Tender
Reduced to $6,200

7.25"- 7.5" ga. Electric RS1 

7.5" Train Works Elec. Switcher
Reduced to $

(2 pair) 15" ga. Speeder w/ Flatcar

7.5" ga. Locomotive in 1.5" scale

24" CP173 Outline Train & Track

Rio Grande So. Goose #1 Castings 
 1.5" scale 700 lb. Couplers
Black or Brown
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7.5" Titan EMD SD Locomotive Trucks

Gauge 1 Aster PRR K-4 Pacific Live Steam


7.5"/2.5" scale Narrow gauge Railcar & Gondola
Reduced to $3,500

Pilot Truck  7.25" / 7.5" gauge
Reduced to $450

7.5" ga. Gas Locomotive Project


24" Severn Lamb & 2 Coaches

5.25" spoked wheels castings
1" scale 2-4-0 Project


7.5"/2.5" scale 40 Ton Plymouth

7.5" ga. Doodlebug & 2 cars

2-6-0  24'' gauge Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive + Passenger Coaches
Financing Available

36" ga 4-4-0 "General" Steam Outline

12"/15" ga. Ottaway F7 Rocketliner Project
Reduced to $9,500

HO - New York Subway Set

7.25" Lew Bullock American Standard Project
 Reduced to $6,000
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19" ga. CP Huntington Train

7.5" ga. Little Eng. 4-4-0 American 
G-Scale Accucraft Norfolk & Western J-Class #611 & 4 Cars

7.5 ga. Gas Ride On Locomotive
7.5" USRA 2-8-2 Heavy
Mikado, 1.6" scale
Reduced to $36,000
Used Diesels
all sizes & gauges
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"No Welding"
Gondola Plans

now available for download

Build this railroad car in 1/8 scale using plywood and standard wood working tools.
No Welding Required

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